In March 2017 Arbeitskreis Asyl Bad Mergentheim successfully participated in “500 Land Initiativen”, a program of the German Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture ( to support integration of refugees in Germany. From this program Arbeitskreis Asyl got the money to buy a used mobile hut and the equipment to cook and serve oriental food by refugees now living in  Bad Mergentheim. The hut was originally furnished for selling christmas articles. Members of Arbeitskreis Asyl unsalaried converted it for cooking and serving food. By offering meals from the homelands of refugees contacts between them and the domestic population are encouraged.

Members of Arbeitskreis Asyl and refugees startet cooking and serving food in their hut on christmas market in Bad Mergentheim in December 2017. They once again participated with the hut on “Taubertäler Weindorf” in the Kurpark of Bad Mergentheim in August 2018.

The hut on "Taubertäler Weindorf" 2018

Participation on “Taubertäler Weindorf 2018”

This project was intended for one year. Because of its success it will be prolonged.