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You can register in Bad Mergentheim if you live in the city or one of its thirteen suburbs. You will need a confirmation of accommodation from your host or landlord called “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“.

Next, make an appointment at the Citizens’ Office (“Bürgerbüro”) in the New City Hall, Bahnhofplatz 1, 97980 Bad Mergentheim by calling one of the numbers +49 7931-57-3306 or -57-3307 or -57-3309, or write an email to buergerbuero@bad-mergentheim.de. The available dates are tight. They must be kept. If you cannot keep an agreed appointment, please cancel it so that it can be given to another person.

Neues Rathaus in Bad Mergentheim
The Bürgerbüro is in this building

Bring your passport and proof that you have been vaccinated against Corona or have recovered from Corona to this appointment. If neither is the case, you will need a current negative rapid test for Corona. If you are married bring your marriage certificate. If you have children bring their birth certificates if possible. Please also bring someone who can translate. Ask for a translater at the Arbeitskreis Asyl if you do not know one yourself.

You will receive a certificate of fictitiousness (“Fiktionsbescheinigung”) by mail from the Bürgerbüro. Make sure that your name is attached to the mailbox so that you also receive this letter from the city of Bad Mergentheim. The certificate of fictitiousness is required to open a bank account or to take up employment.

Make an appointment with a bank to open a bank account. The district office (“Landratsamt”) will transfer your money to this account.

To do so, fill out the forms Verkürzter Erstantrag Ukraine, the Vermögenserklärung (declaration of assets), the Zahlungsauftrag (payment order) and, if you have rented a flat, the Mietbescheinigung (rent certificate) and drop them in the letterbox of the Landratsamt at Wachbacher Str. 54 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim or make an appointment there by calling +49 7931-48276391.

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War displaced persons from Ukraine are entitled to benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (“Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz”). Please fill out the forms Verkürzter Erstantrag Ukraine, the Vermögenserklärung (declaration of assets), the Zahlungsauftrag (payment order) and, if you have rented a flat, the Mietbescheinigung (rent certificate). You can download and print out these forms. They will also be sent to you by the city of Bad Mergentheim.

The prerequisite for getting money is that you have received a fictitious certificate (“Fiktionsbescheinigung”) from the citizens’ office of the city of Bad Mergentheim and that you have a bank account.

You can either drop the application form in the mailbox of the district office or make an appointment there by calling +49-7931-48276391 and hand it in.

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If you are ill and need medical assistance, you need a treatment certificate (“Behandlungsschein”). You can get one from the Social Welfare Office in the New Town Hall, Bahnhofplatz 1 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim. The costs for medical treatment will be covered if you present this treatment certificate to the doctor. However, it is only valid on the day it was issued.

If it is a medical emergency, the emergency outpatient clinic of the Caritas Hospital, Uhlandstr. 7 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim is responsible. Please report there.

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Unfortunately, there are no more free places in the Bad Mergentheim kindergartens. More children have to wait until a place becomes available again and are first put on a waiting list. On the one hand, there is a lack of the necessary rooms for additional kindergarten places, but more importantly, there is also a lack of staff. We are trying to find a solution for children who came to Bad Mergentheim as war refugees from Ukraine.

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Yes. For school lessons, please register your child directly at the relevant school. For elementary school children in grades 1 to 4, the elementary school in the place of residence is responsible. The secondary schools from grade 5 are all in the core city of Bad Mergentheim.

TownElementary SchoolPhone
Bad Mergentheim Stadt
Klasse 1 + 2
Grundschule in der Au
Maurus-Weber-Str. 40
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Bad Mergentheim Stadt
Klassen 3 + 4
Grundschule Stadtmitte
Schulgasse 3
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Grundschule Edelfingen
Zum Grund 5
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Edelfingen
Di + Do
9-12 Uhr
Grundschule Markelsheim
Engelsberg 4
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim
Mo – Mi
7 – 8:45 Uhr
Klassen 1 + 2
Grundschule am Kirchberg
Zum Käppele 7
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Neunkirchen
Klassen 3 + 4
Grunschule am Kirchberg
Grünewaldstr. 38
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Stuppach
Erpfentalstr. 5
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Wachbach

Please register children from grade 5 onwards at the Eduard-Mörike-Gemeinschaftsschule, Maurus-Weber-Str. 48, phone +49 7931 57-4021.

If your child already has sufficient German language skills and an appropriate level of proficiency to follow the lessons, you can also register your child at the Kopernikus-Realschule, Kopernikusstr. 4, phone +49 7931 57-4031 or at the Deutschorden-Gymnasium, Kopernikusstr. 11, phone +49 7931 57-4071.

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The Freiburg-based language learning app Jicki now offers free online German-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-German language courses. The courses can be used without registration directly on the website as well as in the associated app.

Click here to go directly to the language courses: https://www.jicki.de/deutsch-ukrainisch/

Other free online language courses are available on the vhs learning portal, soon also in Ukrainian.

We assume that the Adult Education Center Bad Mergentheim (“Volkshochschule”) will also offer language courses in the future.

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There is free WLAN in many areas of Bad Mergentheim’s city center, e.g.

  • Marktplatz und Tourist-Information
  • Burgstraße und Deutschordenplatz
  • Schlosshof
  • Bahnhofplatz
  • Bereich Activ-Center
  • Hans-Heinrich-Ehrler-Platz
  • Stadtbücherei
  • Bereich Sparkasse
  • Mittelstandszentrum
  • Gänsmarkt
  • Freibad Arkau
  • Wohnmobilstellplatz
  • Volksfestplatz
  • Skaterplatz

To use this offer, select “Free WLAN Bad Mergentheim” in your device. When logging in, you will be asked for an e-mail address. If you have entered an e-mail address and accepted the terms of use, this offer will be activated for you.

There is also a free WLAN offer in the spa gardens (system: free key).

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The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland has launched a website that lists important information for refugees. You can reach the site at www.germany4ukraine.de. There you can find basic information as well as information about accommodation or medical care.

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With their passports, displaced persons from Ukraine can shop for free at the food bank (“Tafel”). There, food is available that has passed its best-before date, but has not yet spoiled and can be eaten. On offer are primarily fresh items donated by food retailers, such as fruit, vegetables and baked goods. Long-life foods such as pasta, rice or canned goods are unfortunately less available there.

The Bad Mergentheimer Tafel is located at Krummen Gasse 20. It is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

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There is waste separation in the Main-Tauber district. You can download a leaflet in different languages on what has to be disposed of and how here. There are three different waste bins and yellow sacks. In the waste calendar or in the waste app you can find out when which waste is collected from you.

Yellow bag

Packaging made of plastic, paper or metal belongs in the yellow bag. However, only packaging may be put in the yellow bag. Other waste may not go in, even if it is made of the same material. If there is anything unacceptable in the yellow bag, it will be left there by the waste collectors and not taken away.

The yellow bags are available free of charge at the New City Hall, Bahnhofplatz 1 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim or at the town halls in Edelfingen, Markelsheim and Wachbach.

Disposal of nappies

Households with a child up to the age of 2 or adult incontinent persons receive one refuse sack per month free of charge from the waste management company of the Main-Tauber district. To apply for these refuse sacks, please fill out this application and submit a copy of the birth certificate in the case of children and a medical certificate confirming incontinence in the case of adults.

Blue waste bin

You can put paper and cardboard in the blue bin.

Brown waste bin

You can compost organic waste from the kitchen if you have the possibility to do so. If you do not have this possibility, dispose of this waste in the brown bin.

Grey residual waste bin

All other waste is disposed of in the grey residual waste bin. If there is more rubbish than will fit in the bin, you can buy rubbish bags at the New Town Hall which you place at the side of the road on the day of collection.

You can get the bins from the waste management company of the Main-Tauber district. They are fitted with a chip and personally assigned to you and your address.

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You can manage on your own, but it’s better together. We support the establishment of a WhatsApp group for people from Ukraine. This is to enable them to get in touch with each other and to be informed very quickly. Send us an email with your mobile phone number to ak-asyl-mgh@t-online.de or drop by our office if you would like to be included in such a WhatsApp group.