How does the registration work?

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You can register in Bad Mergentheim if you live in the city or one of its thirteen suburbs. You will need a confirmation of accommodation from your host or landlord called “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“.

Next, make an appointment at the Citizens’ Office (“Bürgerbüro”) in the New City Hall, Bahnhofplatz 1, 97980 Bad Mergentheim by calling one of the numbers +49 7931-57-3306 or -57-3307 or -57-3309, or write an email to The available dates are tight. They must be kept. If you cannot keep an agreed appointment, please cancel it so that it can be given to another person.

Neues Rathaus in Bad Mergentheim
The Bürgerbüro is in this building

Bring your passport and proof that you have been vaccinated against Corona or have recovered from Corona to this appointment. If neither is the case, you will need a current negative rapid test for Corona. If you are married bring your marriage certificate. If you have children bring their birth certificates if possible. Please also bring someone who can translate. Ask for a translater at the Arbeitskreis Asyl if you do not know one yourself.

You will receive a certificate of fictitiousness (“Fiktionsbescheinigung”) by mail from the Bürgerbüro. Make sure that your name is attached to the mailbox so that you also receive this letter from the city of Bad Mergentheim. The certificate of fictitiousness is required to open a bank account or to take up employment.

Make an appointment with a bank to open a bank account. The district office (“Landratsamt”) will transfer your money to this account.

To do so, fill out the forms Verkürzter Erstantrag Ukraine, the Vermögenserklärung (declaration of assets), the Zahlungsauftrag (payment order) and, if you have rented a flat, the Mietbescheinigung (rent certificate) and drop them in the letterbox of the Landratsamt at Wachbacher Str. 54 in 97980 Bad Mergentheim or make an appointment there by calling +49 7931-48276391.