Where do I get money from?

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War displaced persons from Ukraine are entitled to benefits according to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (“Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz”). Please fill out the forms Verkürzter Erstantrag Ukraine, the Vermögenserklärung (declaration of assets), the Zahlungsauftrag (payment order) and, if you have rented a flat, the Mietbescheinigung (rent certificate). You can download and print out these forms. They will also be sent to you by the city of Bad Mergentheim.

The prerequisite for getting money is that you have received a fictitious certificate (“Fiktionsbescheinigung”) from the citizens’ office of the city of Bad Mergentheim and that you have a bank account.

You can either drop the application form in the mailbox of the district office or make an appointment there by calling +49-7931-48276391 and hand it in.